Our Values



We care. For us, this means being empathetic and attentive to the needs of our colleagues, our clients, the BeSci community, and ourselves. It means bringing clients on the journey with us, to create true value for their customers and employees. And it means taking the time to build relationships that thrive.



We work with integrity. For us, this means having implicit trust in each other. It means being completely transparent and fair with each other, and with our clients. And it means always doing the right thing for our clients.



We’re ambitious. For us, this means feeling empowered through autonomy to consistently deliver excellent work. It means enabling our clients to achieve their full potential. And it means working collectively to grow our business. 

Our Ethical Framework

At Cowry, we pride ourselves on our ambition, care & integrity. A fundamental part of that triangle is the ethical guidelines that hold it together. 

We’ve always had ‘what’s right for the customer’ in mind. This dates back to the creation of our toolkit, the C-factors. It was designed based on how to correct for biases in financial decision making, influenced by papers from the financial conduct authority and ‘Wired for Imprudence’ published by the RSA.

To ensure we nudge ethically, we strive to:

1) Give the customer freedom

Our nudges make it easy for the customer to choose the best outcome. However, we also make it easy to choose otherwise if they wish to do so. In other words, we ensure alternative options are transparent.


2) Be honest 

Our nudges are always built on information that is true.


3) Identify the consequences 

We scrutinise nudges in a pre-mortem, for example through an ethical committee (commonly seen as Risk, Legal & Compliance plus additional stakeholders in business) and subsequently in a post-mortem, to identify and observe unintended and intended consequences.


4) Nudge for good

We advocate that a business or organisation that uses nudges for good with customers, should itself use nudges for good with its own employees. Put simply, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

Our Clients

We specialise in a variety of sectors, where behavioural science has proven success in transforming customer and employee experiences.

We are an Award-Winning Behavioural Science Consultancy

We are committed to creating exceptional customer experiences by applying our expertise in Behavioural Science, Psychology and Nudge Theory.

We are delighted to be recognised for our work, winning many prestigious industry awards.

Standard life award winner


2021 Award for Innovation in Customer Service

We were delighted to win the CCA Global Award for our work in partnership with the Phoenix Group. The CCA Global Awards recognise world-class professional achievement in customer service.

The whole team at Standard Life Assurance, part of the Phoenix Group have embraced behavioural science and how it can transform both the customer and colleague experience. We worked together to  support customers and making it easier for them to engage and make good decisions about their financial futures. This behavioural intervention resulted in a 55% increase in business leads.



bqf award


2020 BQF Excellence in Customer Experience Award

We were honoured to be a winner at the BQF Excellence Awards in the Excellence in Customer Experience category. This award recognises organisations that put customers at the very heart of what they do. 

Aegon wanted to understand why their customers were not engaging with their pensions. Cowry got right under the skin of the problem using psychometric techniques to identify key insights into customer pension making decisions and totally transformed the customer experience.




2020 Financial Services Forum Awards

Cowry worked with pension provider Aegon using behavioural  science principles to develop personalised, animated digital video summaries to drive scheme member's engagement with their pensions - a hugely tricky issue for the pensions industry.

The engagement levels have been transformational with over 80% of customers watching the videos and over half of them taking a subsequent action, such as reviewing their retirement goals or bring their pension pots together with Aegon.

british safety council award


2019 British Safety Council

This highly prestigious Merit was awarded by Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, who congratulated Overbury and Cowry Consulting on their success in winning an International Safety Award 2019 with Merit for the Shell site: 

"The British Safety Council commends Overbury and Cowry Consulting on their achievement at Shell Centre Tower. The award is in recognition of their commitment and efforts to keep their employees and workplaces free of injury and ill health."

national cdm


2018 Project Safety's National CDM Award for Health, Safety and Wellbeing Initiative of the Year

We were honoured to be recognised at the CDM Awards for the ground breaking work we delivered in partnership with Overbury, a subsidiary of the construction giant, Morgan Sindall.

Using behavioural science principles to redesign the canteen and break areas and also a reward scheme and a weekly meeting, Cowry helped Overbury reduce Working at Height unsafe incidents by 82%.


EECCCS awards


2017 European Contact Centre and Customer Service Award for Best Learning and Development Programme

This gold award celebrated the enterprise wide programme of behavioural science learning and development within Aegon, across all of their contact centres.

The Cowry Academy delivered a comprehensive curriculum of learning, coaching and mentoring leading to significant positive changes in employee NPS and engagement scores, employees feeling invested and a significant drop in employees leaving affecting churn rates.

the forum award


The Forum 2017 Contact Centre Award for Innovation in Customer Experience

This gold award celebrated the transformational work with Aegon and their Retiready contact centre team. Using behavioural science principles we redesigned the conversations colleagues were having with customers around pension choices and services.

Within just 5 weeks, we saw a +17 point increase in NPS and an ROI on rollout of £37 to £1 for the increase in assets under management that would be accumulated by Aegon. 

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