Our Values



We care. For us, this means being thoughtful and kind to each other. It means holding ourselves to high standards of work which creates true value for our clients. And it means building collegiate and supportive relationships with our clients.



We work with integrity. For us, this means having implicit trust in each other. It means being completely transparent and fair with each other, and with our clients. And it means always doing the right thing for our clients.



We’re ambitious. For us, this means feeling empowered through autonomy to consistently deliver excellent work. It means enabling our clients to achieve their full potential. And it means working collectively to grow our business. 

Our Ethical Framework

At Cowry, we pride ourselves on our ambition, care & integrity. A fundamental part of that triangle is the ethical guidelines that hold it together. 

We’ve always had ‘what’s right for the customer’ in mind. This dates back to the creation of our toolkit, the C-factors. It was designed based on how to correct for biases in financial decision making, influenced by papers from the financial conduct authority and ‘Wired for Imprudence’ published by the RSA.

To ensure we nudge ethically, we strive to:

1) Give the customer freedom

Our nudges make it easy for the customer to choose the best outcome. However, we also make it easy to choose otherwise if they wish to do so. In other words, we ensure alternative options are transparent.


2) Be honest 

Our nudges are always built on information that is true.


3) Identify the consequences 

We scrutinise nudges in a pre-mortem, for example through an ethical committee (commonly seen as Risk, Legal & Compliance plus additional stakeholders in business) and subsequently in a post-mortem, to identify and observe unintended and intended consequences.


4) Nudge for good

We advocate that a business or organisation that uses nudges for good with customers, should itself use nudges for good within its own employees. Put simply, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

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