Where your customer experience has rough edges, we use behavioural science to reduce friction and create fluent experiences.

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Universal challenges with a scientific solution.

As millions are invested in infrastructure and marketing communications, what the customer wants and their emotional responses to these efforts are completely overlooked.

The space containing millions of company-customer interactions is often neglected.
This is the reason why we need to disrupt the customer experience.

An exceptional experience encompasses every individual interaction between the customer and the company; every touchpoint impacts this experience. So it's not a case of disregarding tech or brand, but rather building a bridge so that each of the millions of interactions positively impacts the customer.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

The building blocks for this bridge are formed through behavioural science. Cowry transforms the customer and employee experience by highlighting the engagement touchpoints, removing the cognitive friction and designing behaviourally fluent solutions that make each of the millions of interactions between the company and the customer count.

Every business should be using behavioural science to make their investments in infrastructure and marketing work harder. 


What do we fix?


Digital UX Journeys

We develop elegant, fluent UX designs that complement the way people naturally think and behave.

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Business Comms

We apply a forensic focus to ensure every interaction builds valuable relationships with customers.

Contact centres

Contact Centres

We create compelling conversations by enhancing agents' skills, scripts, screens and spaces.

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Physical Spaces

We optimise physical spaces for customers and employees to get the most out of every experience.

A scientific process


Behavioural Audit

We conduct an audit of the behavioural problem to identify friction points from a psychological perspective, using our proprietary Applied Knowledge Database.


Behavioural Design

We create fluent psychological enhancements to optimise the friction points using our AI-driven C-Factor Fingerprint database.


Experimental Design

We take the nudges to market and employ experimental design methodologies, similar to academics.


What is our applied knowledge database?

This is an online system that catalogues the academic papers to support the C Factors. The database provides robust support to our work, using only academic papers with significant citations and journal impact factors complemented with an ongoing stream of Cowry commercial case studies.


What is our AI-driven C-Factor database?

Our database uses machine learning to identify which positive C Factors most predictably optimise the negative C Factors identified in the audit phase. 


What is a nudge?

Nudges are small changes that speak to our System 1 brain. They use positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to produce a change in behaviour.


What is a friction point?

This is where we identify and highlight an area or element within the system design that increases the levels of cognitive friction and acts as a barrier to the desired behaviour/s. This will be supported by an explanation of the point itself, the psychological principle and academic references to support it.

Example: We may highlight that too many options are presented to help a customer to make a decision, explain the principle of cognitive overload and provide academic references to support this.


What is a fluent conceptual design?

This is where we redesign the friction point into a more fluent conceptual design that overcomes the barrier. This will be supported by an explanation of the point itself, the psychological principle and academic references to support it.

Example: We may redesign an offering to display just 3 options and anticipate that customers choose the middle option most often. We will produce a conceptual design to reflect how we see these being displayed in the real world, explain the principle of chunking and framing and provide academic references to support this.

Clients we've optimised

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Sky Customer Retention

The behavioural challenge:

Sky needed to retain customers with a communication strategy compliant with new Ofgem regulations.

Read how Cowry worked with Sky to achieve a 50% increase in purchase intent

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