We are the science
behind customer

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The leading behavioural
economics consultancy

Does your company want to attract, keep and grow customers
at a lower unit cost?

At Cowry, we understand how your customers and employees make
decisions and make every interaction count.

We adopt a scientific approach to behaviour and use the
latest thinking in Behavioural Economics and Nudge theory.

We are the Science behind Customer Experience

Cowry Consulting

What we do

We work across 3 major touch points to improve your customer experience


Contact Centres

Our award-winning programme reveals the secret behind top performing call centres.

Clever Communications  Programme

Business Communications

We apply forensic focus to ensure that all your communications continue to build valuable relationships with your customers

Collaborative CRO Programme

User Experience

We produce fluent UX journeys that complement the way that people naturally think and behave.


Conversion Rate Opmisation

Our leading clients

Our leading clients

Why our clients like working with us

We're evidence based​

We're evidence based

using the latest insights from behavioural economics

We demonstrate compelling ROI's

We demonstrate compelling ROI's

by constantly measuring the impact of our nudges

What is a nudge?

Nudges are small changes that speak to our System 1 brain. They use positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to produce a change in behaviour.

And best of all, we give you the skills

And best of all, we give you the skills

to understand how your customers think and behave


Cowry's insights and interventions have made a huge impact to the way we talk to customers and have led to good customer and company outcomes

Alasdair Rhind
Head of Retention and CRM, Aegon