The science behind innovation

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Giving you the confidence to innovate


Identifying opportunities without data can be unreliable.

Big data without design thinking can be unpredictable.

Design thinking without behavioural insights can be unremarkable.

Innovation doesn't have to be


Translate your business challenge into a behavioural challenge.

Customer Experience

Employee Experience

service innovation


Business objective: increase the number of customer referrals

Behavioural challenge: how might we build commitment to refer before even asking?

Product innovation


Business objective: increase the number engaging with their pension

Behavioural challenge: how might we bring pensions to life in an immersive video?

Process innovation


Business objective: reduce the number of trips, slips and falls on a building site

Behavioural challenge: how might we create a stigma around unsafe working practices?

Platform innovation


Business objective: improve the experience for vulnerable customers

Behavioural challenge: how might we put employees in the shoes of a vulnerable customer?

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reducing falls with pink walls

Reducing Falls With Pink Walls

The behavioural challenge:

Workers on construction sites were often found to be taking excessive risks in the workplace, which put them and others in danger. Our task was to reduce the amount of unsafe behaviour in the workplace.

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