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Understanding the irrational forces that shape worker behaviour will unlock key insights for risk-taking behaviour, bringing a human touch to health & safety.

We're only human

Employers have a duty of care to their staff and must do what is reasonable and practicable to protect the health, safety and welfare of workers. However, despite plans, procedures and systems, people can and do make mistakes.

Risk-taking, inadequate training and human error all contribute to the safety of a workplace and failure to adhere to health & safety can lead to catastrophic results to individual workers and organisations. 

Everybody who works to reduce accidents in the workplace is concerned with human behaviour."

Cowry can help you to reduce the number of employees who engage in ‘at-risk’ behaviour at work. By embedding the human touch within your organisation, we can help you to successfully identify and manage occupational health and safety risks and hazards within your business, building more valuable and trusting relationships with your employees.


Where can we help?

Physical spaces

  • Create a robust health & safety culture
  • Reduce risky behaviours in the workplace
  • Reduce injury
  • Upskill employs in behavioural safety
  • Improve worker health and wellbeing

Business Communications

  • Increase workforce participation 
  • Increase ownership of safety problems and solutions
  • Improve organisational communications


  • Walkaround scripts
  • Increase ownership of safety problems and solutions
  • Improve trust between site staff and management

reducing falls with pink walls

Reducing Falls With Pink Walls

The behavioural challenge:

Workers on construction sites were often found to be taking excessive risks in the workplace, putting them and others in danger. Our task was to reduce the amount of unsafe behaviour in the workplace.

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"We've invested heavily in this because we believed it would work. The lessons we have learned here can be applied to any project size, and don’t require a large financial investment to see a significant change. We're already sharing learnings from this study into our other projects nationwide. Knowing our initiatives have helped the site operatives feel better at work and reduce unsafe behaviours is priceless."

— John Coyle, Director of Health, Safety & Wellbeing, Overbury

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