We use behavioural science to simplify customer journeys, bringing a pragmatic and human touch to a complex sector.

Making money more human

For most people, investing is both unfamiliar and complex. Individuals face a seemingly infinite array of choices in investment products. As the consumer evolves, financial companies must develop tools to overcome the numerous biases involved in financial decision making.

One of the most significant challenges for modern financial regulators and financial services alike is to recognise that we operate within a very human environment."

Martin Wheatley, CEO of FCA 2011-2015

Cowry can help you to design financial education, journeys and products with these behavioural hurdles in mind. We use principles developed in line with the FCA, who acknowledge the importance of using behavioural science to help customers make better financial decisions.

By embedding the human touch within your organisation, we can help you to communicate the complex nature of financial services in an easy-to-understand way, building more valuable, longer-lasting relationships with your customers.

Finance pillar


Uncover subconscious insights

Aegon wanted to dig deeper and identify the key reasons why customers didn’t engage with their pensions.

Using innovative psychometric techniques such as Cognitive Interviews, Cowry isolated a number of key insights that paved the way for better customer and colleague experiences.

Outcome: Engagement and behaviour prioritised over information and communication.



Transform customer experiences

Aegon wanted customers to engage with their pensions and used behavioural science to transform the conversations they were having in their contact centres.

Using a series of nudges within the customer experience had a dramatic effect on how customers engaged, encouraged them to take action and led to better conversations and behaviours overall.

Outcome – 68.5% increase in sales conversions

Expert teach


Build colleague capability

As teams got excited at the potential of behavioural science, Cowry built a programme of learning and development within Aegon to upskill colleagues.

The award winning Cowry Academy which consists of Core, Expert and Practitioner courses was deployed effectively and listen to how it positively impacted on the Aegon’s teams performance and objectives.

Outcome – significant increase in employee engagement



New Product Innovation

It’s a shocking fact that 95 out of 100 employees don’t engage with their annual pension statement. And you can’t blame them – the pages and pages of words and numbers are often too complex and confusing.

Using an innovative technology platform, see how Aegon created millions of personalised video summaries and quite simply how they used pictures to paint a thousand words and positively change financial behaviours.

Outcome - £1.3 million additional assets


Read – On the Brain

Exclusive financial edition

Download this exclusive edition which features an in-depth look at the new AI driven Behavioural Fingerprint from Cowry Consulting which identifies the most common C Factors that hinder and help positive customer experiences in the Finance Sector.

And don’t miss the interview with Christian Hunt, the host of the popular Human Risk Podcast, the hottest financial sector academic papers for behavioural science and lots more!


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"Cowry’s insights and recommendations have dramatically improved how we personalise engagement, which has led to great customer and company outcomes."

— Alasdair Rhind, Head of Workplace & Customer Propositions, Aegon

"Through our pilots we have already seen significant benefits across a number of areas of the business in terms of how we’re supporting customers and making it easier for them to engage and make good decisions about their financial futures."

— Michael Reed-Smith, Standard Life & Retail Director, Phoenix Group

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