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Building BeSci Capability

Teach case study: building colleague capability

As teams got excited at the potential of behavioural science, Cowry built a programme of learning and development within Aegon to upskill colleagues.

The award winning Cowry Academy which consists of Core, Expert and Practitioner courses positively impacted the teams performance and objectives.

The behavioural learning & development challenge



Build colleague capability

The leadership team at Aegon wanted to embed and sustain the behavioural science interventions developed by Cowry within the organisation.

As a result Aegon set out the requirements for a programme that had a foundational level for contact centre staff, an advanced level for Team Leaders and an ongoing support function for those that would take the discipline on within the business.

The behavioural solution: Cowry Academy

Cowry has developed a world class, award winning virtual and face to face academy that efficiently and effectively builds capability within FTSE and Fortune companies across the world. Cowry have now trained over 300 Aegon employees in Core E-Learning, 8 as Behavioural Science Experts and are now supporting 1 senior Practitioner.

Core E-Learning - Designed for Psychology novices, our award-winning and CPD accredited e-learning course will provide your team with a window into the exciting world of behavioural science.

Expert Training - Become a Behavioural Science Expert on our bespoke, 6-week, virtual and classroom-based programme and use behavioural science to take your business to the next level.

Practitioner Course - This programme teaches businesses how to accelerate growth through the application of behavioural science. Receive tailored support to facilitate your own behavioural science experiments.

The behavioural results

23% increase in
employee engagement
18% increase in
‘feeling invested in’
-46% in
attrition rate

The performance of the teams were massively improved and the training helped support employee engagement metrics.

Source: Aegon Employee Engagement Surveys




The behavioural outcome

Award - european cnontact centre award

But that is not all - for the same piece of work, we were the winner for the Most Effective Learning and Development programme at the 2017 European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards.



Employee Engagment is at the heart of customers advocacy and has been key to our success

Colleen Nielson, Head of Platform Operations, Aegon

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