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Transforming customer experiences

Fix Case Study - Transforming customer experiences

Aegon wanted to transform their contact centre conversations using behavioural science, tapping into human psychology to identify the pain-points in their current exchanges between customer and agent, and translate these into genuinely enjoyable interactions.

Having identified that they needed to overhaul their telephone interactions, we helped Aegon conduct an audit of their existing call scripts, optimising the content to remove the jargon and make the dialogue more human.

The behavioural challenge



Transform customer experiences

Interactions with contact centres can be arduous and time-consuming. Advisors often fail to explain complex information in a simple way, leaving the customer with a negative experience.

Our task was to transform contact centre conversations to help Contact Centre agents confidently navigate complex interactions and ensure that customers could easily understand their options, act upon them, and feel confident in the decisions they had made.

The behavioural solution

We used our Award Winning conversations programme to help Aegon employees have better conversations. We achieved this through:

Skills - Training Aegon's call centre operatives to understand how their customers make decisions

Scripts - Redesigning the order, language and amount of information presented to the customer

Screens - Redesigning the look and feel of the scripts to make the operative's job easier

Space - Optimising the working environment to improve productivity and wellbeing

The behavioural results

68.5% increase in
sales conversion
60.5% increase in assets
under management
36 point
increase in NPS

The behavioural outcome

Award - the forum

We’re delighted that The Forum awarded us the Innovation in Customer Experience award for our work with Aegon’s contact centres, training their team to use Behavioural Economics to transform their interactions with customers.



Award - european cnontact centre award

But that is not all - for the same piece of work, we were the winner for the Most Effective Learning and Development programme at the 2017 European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards.



The changes Cowry have made to our scripts make it easier to explain complex pensions in a simple way our customers can understand."

Claire Houstin, Senior Associate, Aegon Assist

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