Mariafernanda Valdez Orezzoli

Senior Behavioural Designer

Having led the development of the behavioural designer role in the banking and insurance industry in Peru, Mariafernanda has also delivered various behavioural science talks and courses alongside her role that helped grow the behavioural science field in Latin America.

Mariafernanda has an undergraduate degree in Social Psychology and a Masters degree in  Psychology of Economic Life at The London School of Economics.

Mariafernanda’s interest is around the creation of new products and services using behavioural science specifically in the financial sector. Her research and expertise has focused on how behavioural science frameworks can be used as a powerful tool for developing new value propositions. In her master dissertation, Mariafernanda used behavioural science frameworks to explore capital mobility dynamics between younger and older family members in low-income populations in Peru given the gap in the accessibility to financial services in provinces. 

At Cowry, Mariafernanda is excited to use behavioural science to create innovative and disruptive solutions that respond to relevant social challenges.


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