Daria Nikolaeva

Junior Behavioural Consultant

Daria pursued BA Comparative Literature at UCL, where her dissertation exploring Fyodor Dostoevsky’s portrayal of self-inflicted punishment and moral decision-making spiked her interest in the intricacies of human mind and behaviour. She pursued MSc in Psychology of Mental Health at the University of Edinburgh to explore self-punishment from a scientific lens, focusing her dissertation on the cognitive processes associated with adolescent self-harm.

After university, Daria worked in clinical settings and mental health start-ups, becoming more and more involved in the intersection between technology and human behaviour. She completed a UX Design Bootcamp at BrainStation to combine her interests in psychology and design, building a technical skillset to create human-centred design experiences.

At Cowry, Daria is excited to apply her multidisciplinary background to creating psychologically-informed solutions to make people’s lives easier and better.


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