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Transforming TSB's Loan Quotes

Fix Case Study - Transforming customer experiences

TSB is a retail bank with a trusted customer brand, heritage stretching back to the start of the savings bank movement 200 years ago, and serving more than five million customers. They operate on a modern banking platform and serve our customers through digital channels, over the phone and in branches across the UK. TSB wanted to continue to improve the service they offer their customers through their website, and in doing so increase value for their customers, employees, and the business.

TSB realised that, too often, companies fail to consider the ways in which the human brain works, and so they partnered with Cowry to optimise their online personal loan quote process.

The behavioural challenge



Transform customer experiences

Cowry conducted a behavioural audit to identify the psychological ‘friction points’ in the online quote process. They discovered that the intimidating language used during the eligibility criteria was daunting and created an overly formal experience for the customer. This meant that customers would often not read the criteria sufficiently and would apply even if not eligible for the loan, which had negative consequences down the line.

The behavioural solution

Cowry’s team of Behavioural Designers and Choice Architects rewrote the criteria to make it easier for customers to understand the information, create a more positive experience and reinforce commitment.

Two of the key psychological principles used to enhance the experience were:

Frame DependenceFraming – all the criteria were reframed so the customer could answer yes, yes, yes.


Commitment-1Goal Gradient Effect – the questions started with the easiest to answer, giving customers a confidence boost and increasing commitment.

Empathy gapAffect - by removing intimidating language, and using softer, more approachable language customers were more willing to engage with the information

The behavioural results

-13.9% reduction in ineligible Credit Bureau Checks

The behavioural outcome



Thanks for Fridays session - it was really good and definitely food for thought for our other product areas.
Emma Stacey | Senior Marketing Manager | TSB

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