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New Product Innovation - Esure

Build case study: designing a Digital Playbook

Times were challenging for insurers during the pandemic, customers had more time on their hands to shop around and look for competitive quotes for motor insurance. As a result, Esure were finding it harder to maintain levels of renewals and it was taking longer to win customers over, as they haggled over price.

Working with one of Esure’s analytics partners, Cowry developed a programme of activity that encompassed conversational redesign, a training programme, analytics and the creation of a Digital Playbook.

Over the course of 4 months, steadily and incrementally, Cowry helped the Test teams improve the quality of their conversations to help improve the retention rates.

The redesign of the assets, from a word document to an interactive pdf Digital Playbook , was instrumental to the overall success.

The programme proved to be successful and the Digital Playbook was rolled out to over 150 agents across the business.

The behavioural challenge



New Product Innovation

The asset used for contact centre agents is often a word document that is regularly updated and checked for regulatory compliance.

However, from experience, we find that the design of the document can hinder and doesn’t particularly help agents have winning conversations with customers.

The asset can sometimes be hard to read in a small, detailed font.

The asset often has important sections in red, a colour known to increase anxiety and blood pressure in the reader.

And sometimes the asset lacks any form of design and it often consists of just words and no icons or pictures to help guide the eyes and brain.

The behavioural solution

An interactive pdf Digital Playbook was developed for Esure agents, which not only contained conversational redesign elements, it was designed using behavioural science principles that help agents find the information they were looking for and utilise more cognitive capacity on the customer conversations they were having.

Cognitive overload

Chunkingthe Digital Playbook was broken down into easy to identify sections that helped the renamed consultants find the conversational piece they were looking for.


Saliency –imagery and icons were used to help consultants through the Digital Playbook. We know it takes just 13 milliseconds to recognize an icon versus 300 milliseconds to recognise a word and 400 milliseconds to comprehend it.

Empathy gap

Emotional Benefitswe know that our brains respond better to the benefits of products and services versus the features. By explaining how the policy would benefit customers in certain scenarios rather than explaining the policy features in detail, helped customers understand what they were buying.

The behavioural results

Consultants adhering to the Digital Playbook performed better
Renewal rates increased for the business
Programme rolled
out to the wider

By using the Digital Playbook, Esure could empirically monitor the results of using the new asset and the conversational redesign.

Steadily across weeks and months, the adherence to the Digital Playbook was linked directly to increase performance to target of the Test consultant teams.




The behavioural outcome


(Esure) were very complimentary about the work and they're very pleased with the results so far.

Andy Laban, Analytics, TMAC

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