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Streamlining Sky Kids Sign Ups

Fix Case Study - Transforming customer experiences

With 24 million customers across seven countries, Sky is Europe's leading media and entertainment company with a broad range of content, products and services. The Sky Kids app is an entire world just for them where they can create a buddy on their personalised profile, enjoy educational games and get creative in the art studio. Sky recognised the opportunity to increase the number of users signing up for their app by working with Cowry to optimise the digital registration journey.

The behavioural challenge



Transform customer experiences

Cowry conducted a behavioural audit and identified numerous points within the registration process and the sign-up screen that were reducing the likelihood of users registering. For example, the size of the ‘Cancel’ button relative to the ‘Create Sky iD’ button was communicating that it is equally important and commonly selected, making ‘Cancel’ more appealing than intended.

The behavioural solution

Cowry’s team of Behavioural Designers and Choice Architects redesigned the registration process and the sign-up screen using 26 nudges


SaliencySaliency – reducing the salience of the ‘Cancel’ button makes the ‘Create Sky iD’ button more attention-grabbing, increasing users’ preference to register.


SaliencySize Congruency – reducing the size of the ‘Cancel’ button gives it less importance in the hierarchy and shows that fewer customers take that action.


Commitment-1Commitment Bias –changing the language on the ‘Cancel’ button to ‘Back’ limits the sense that the user is committing to cancelling their registration, making it feel easy to return to the process later on.


Ambiguity aversionAmbiguity Aversion - removing an ambiguous spinning wheel loading icon and replacing with a progress bar that fills in real time to effectively manage user's expectations and increase their willingness to complete the journey.

The behavioural results

+8.7% increase in sign-ups to the Sky Kids app
Sky Kids-1

The behavioural outcome



It’s clear that the combined approach is working! Thank you for all your help on Sky Kids!
Propositions Manager | Sky Kids

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