Try these 3 simple tips to improve your contact centre scripts today

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Scripts can be a useful tool for service representatives when they're learning the ropes, but sticking too closely to a script can make the call feel robotic and stilted. After all, what's the point of calling up to talk to a real human if it feels like you're not being treated like one?

That's where behavioural science can help you to improve your call scripts, and make your contact centre successful. By understanding how human brains make decisions, you can design a call guide which makes the conversation useful and enjoyable for both the customer and the agent. Try these three ways to improve your contact centre scripts today.

1] Use the superiority bias to help your customer feel good

There are subtle turns of phrase which will make your caller feel better about themselves, which may lead to a more beneficial conversation. Phrases such as 'I know you're busy' tap into the superiority bias, which is where we tend to overestimate our positive qualities and abilities, and underestimate our negative qualities relative to others. Before taking callers through security questions, service representatives could try saying something like 'As I'm sure you know, we hold all of your data secure, so I'll need to take you through 3 security questions.' This implies that your caller is knowledgable about the process, meaning that they'll be more happy to comply.

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2] Use social norms to help your customer make decisions 

Making any decision uses up mental energy, and is taxing on the brain. To make choices easier for customers, you can help them by signposting what other customers choose to do. We are herd animals and so measure our behaviour in relation to each other to decide what is acceptable and appropriate in social settings. During a call, service representatives can help your customer choose whether to start using a new service, for example, by saying something like 'more and more of our customers are choosing to use this new service.' If we think others are using the service, we are more likely to want to engage with it. 

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3] At the end of the call, remind callers of everything you've helped with 

Having spent some time with a caller to solve their problem, you want to leave them with a positive final memory of the call. You can do this by recapping everything you've helped them with, to activate the principle of reciprocity. We are social animals and form networks of trust by the commitment in reciprocity. When we are given small gifts or tokens, we reply with a benefit in kind. For example, waiters who give some free mints with the bill get bigger tips. To use this on a call, remind the customer of all the work you've done for them, and this will increase the likelihood of a better NPS score due to the principle of reciprocity.

Try using these simple ways to improve calls scripts in contact centres using behavioural science. By structuring conversations to work better for human brains, Cowry have helped clients to increase NPS by +15 points, boost employee engagement by +47 points, and increase investments by 60%.  

Feeling inspired? Join our clients such as Aegon, Fidelity, Quilter and Saga to find out how we can help you to improve your contact centre scripts using behavioural science. 

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