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Tesco Delivery Saver

Tesco recognised an opportunity to optimise their Delivery Saver customer conversion rates by enlisting the help of Cowry.

Together, they identified the need to transform three different plan reminder emails, in order to convert customers from free trials to paid plans.

From this Cowry analysed the existing emails to identify psychological friction points that could be converted into opportunities to motivate and engage customers.

Behavioural audit



Transform customer experiences

Within the behavioural audit, our team identified a number of components within the emails that were hindering their effectiveness.

For example, the email contained a large quantity of information, displayed in large blocks of text meaning customers were unlikely to read or act on it.

Our task was then to overhaul the language and visual design of the emails to increase engagement with the content and motivate action.

Behavioural design

Our team of Choice Architects and Behavioural Designers redesigned the email templates that were used to notify customers at three stages of their free trial by introducing eight key interventions.

Here's are three examples of what we did:

Loss aversion

Loss Aversion
By highlighting the limited time left to take action to avoid losing out on a service they were already enjoying, customers became more motivated to sign up.

Social norms

Social Norms
By showing that other customers are making significant savings from the delivery saver plan, customers will feel inclined to be part of the norm and enjoy similar benefits.


By introducing a more fluent visual layout, relevant imagery, and attention-grabbing information, the content is easier to process and more engaging.

Behavioural intervention


10.2% increase in Delivery Saver sign ups.
*p score = 0.1

tesco results

With the positive results of this intervention, Tesco are updating and implementing the optimisations across their full suite of Delivery Saver emails and reviewing all Delivery Saver communications to adopt these principles of best practice.

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