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Abel & Cole Online Conversion

Fix Case Study - Optimising conversion rates

Abel & Cole have brought the best of the organic world from farmers, makers and bakers to homes up and down the country in their sunny yellow vans for the past 30 years.

Abel & Cole recognised the opportunity to optimise their UX journey to increase their conversion rates.

From this, Cowry analysed the entire user onboarding journey to identify psychological frictions points that could be converted into opportunities to motivate and engage customers.

The behavioural challenge



Transform customer experiences

Abel & Cole had developed an effective marketing strategy and customers were eager to visit their site to choose their first box.

Unfortunately, the UX journey had been overlooked in terms of complexity and customers were struggling to find the boxes, let alone choose from the vast number of options.

Within the behavioural audit, the team identified 98 psychological friction points in the buying process.

The behavioural solution

Cowry’s team of Behavioural Designers and Choice Architects redesigned the landing page to increase the number of customers who signed up.

Authority biasAuthority Bias – showing award images on the home page to demonstrate the quality of the products and the expertise of Abel & Cole.

Present biasPresent Bias – using action-oriented language on the sign-up button to foster a desire for instant gratification.

Cognitive overloadCognitive Overload – reducing the amount of content on the homepage to make it easier to understand and use.

Social normsSocial Norms – creating a sense of social identity among the subscribers through ‘Join our veg club’ messaging.

The behavioural results

Reducing choice = +20% conversion
Provenance cues drive customer confidence
Behaviour of others a key factor
Abel & Cole


The behavioural outcome



The door drop and DM landed last week and initial account sign up numbers are looking good ... I think its performing well"
Sarah Guest, Head of Product Marketing, Abel & Cole


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