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What does your training for customer service representatives cover?

Maybe you give them a call script, teach them about your product or service, or give them tips for how to handle complaints. Perhaps you also train them in intonation and phrasing. After all, "it's not just what you say, but how you say it."

If so, your contact centre training explains what to say, and maybe also how to say it.

But does it explain the why

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If service representatives blindly follow a script without understanding why they're saying something, their conversations will feel stilted and generic. They will feel disengaged from their calls, and callers will feel like they're on a conveyor belt of customer service. As such, giving service representatives training in the why is the key to running a successful contact centre.

So how do you teach the why?

There's a simple solution: give your service representatives a grounding in behavioural science. By teaching them how human brains work and how their callers make decisions, this coaches them to understand why they're saying what they're saying. With a knowledge of psychology, agents will be able to reframe conversations, simplify complex concepts for their callers, and refrain from using jargon. Conversations begin to feel less robotic and more human, and place customers at the heart of the call. Including behavioural science in your contact centre training gives agents the confidence to go off script, and empowers them to have natural conversations.


What results can you expect from including behavioural science in your contact centre training? We've helped to increase employee engagement by 47 points, reduce staff attrition by 63% and boost QA scores by 14%. 

At Cowry, we run CPD accredited and award-winning training to embed behavioural science within your contact centres and have trained over a thousand people. Don't want to miss out? 

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