Who Are Cowry and What Do We Actually Do?

Jamie Lambe • 3 min read

These are very good questions... and ones that we get asked a lot!

Who Are Cowry Consulting?

Cowry Consulting are an award-winning behavioural science consultancy, working with the world’s leading Fortune and FTSE 500 businesses - such as Amazon, Sky, SSE, HSBC & Tesco - to make business growth fast and simple.

Cowry has been in business for over 4 years now - and we’ve achieved double digit growth in each of them, which is huge for us, but also demonstrates the impact that Behavioural Science is having in business overall.

We started off with 3 employees and now have over 25. Whilst this is great, one of the best things about working for Cowry is that the whole team has expertise and passion in psychology, neuroscience and economics, so everyone brings depth of understanding (solid knowledge) to the table that others can draw on.

And we also get to talk about our favourite topics all day, too!

We are on a mission to make businesses as human as humanly possible, through designing solutions that take advantage of how our brains naturally work. This means customers can make better purchasing decisions, faster and easier, whilst being happier with their choices.

And because we understand precisely which changes to make for maximum effect - whether they’re on a website, an email or a conversation - our results require minimal investments in today’s world of ever-rising technology costs in a fight to stay competitive.

Simply put, by using Behavioural Science, we help businesses attract, keep and grow their customer-base at a lower unit cost.

Everything we do is empirically evidenced, statistically-validated, but above all - delivers concrete business outcomes. And we do this whilst driving and empowering companies’ employees to build their own understanding of customer psychology, so they can build behavioural science into all their future projects.

But… what do we actually do?!

We’d like to think, there’s what we do for businesses and there’s what we do to achieve those results.

Our clients love working with us because - unlike some consultancies - we actually design and build solutions that generate measurable increases in revenue. And we statistically validate all our interventions to prove their impact.

So that’s how our clients get sign-off!

But then there’s also what we do day-to-day - which is using Behavioural Science. Which people tend to find a little more interesting because it applies to everybody and every area of their lives - business and personal.

One client has called it “life-changing” and one - more recently has called it “annoyingly simple but brilliant”.

Behavioural Science is all about understanding what customers really think, what motivates them to do what they do.

Like I said, we don’t just diagnose - we build a framework around what we call psychological friction points, to nudge customers to make better decisions.

For us, that’s what good BSci (what everyone is calling it now!) is all about: constructing a container that empowers customers to make better decisions.

So we might do that by:

  1. Giving them complex information in a way they can understand & retain 
  2. Nudging them toward behaviour they usually find hard
  3. Making necessary, dull and boring processes more enjoyable and rewarding

All of these things add up to creating Exceptional Experiences. Which at our essence is what Cowry is all about. If you have any further questions, or if you want to know how we can create exceptional experiences for you, contact us today!

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