3 tips for building Behavioural Science in your organisation

Ralph Kendall • 3 min read


Many companies want to build Behavioural Science into their organisation but are unsure how. They can see the benefits: it is a competitive advantage, as not many companies have embedded it in their teams; it uses insights based on science, so it is more likely to work for your employees; and it will help the whole organisation create better experiences for their customers.

However, it is difficult to develop your own Behavioural Science unit from scratch: Do your staff understand it? Do your colleagues have time to use it? And do they see how it can apply to their work? At Cowry we are used to applying the science behind behaviour to real world businesses, and getting great results.

Here are three tips from us to help you to build your own behavioural science group within your organisation:

1] Start simple

When embedding Behavioural Science within a business, it is important to start with the basics. Your staff do not want to be overloaded with new information, and research suggests that they will not understand the Psychology behind our work if they are overwhelmed with alien concepts.

At Cowry we like to start our explanation of Behavioural Science using our toolkit of easy-to-understand C-Factors, which explain key concepts in bite size chunks as part of our Core e-learning programme. We find that this allows anyone in your organisation to quickly understand Behavioural Science’s core tenets, and we even provide you with our exclusive C-Factor cards so you can share your new knowledge with your colleagues.

2] Convince others

Once you understand the core concepts, you will need to convince the rest of your organisation of the merits of Behavioural Science.

At Cowry, we believe in learning by doing, as research has found it leads to larger gains in understanding. A key part of our Core training course is our short quiz, which will show you how your brain works, and explain the Behavioural Science that underpins your behaviour.

Once you and your colleagues have completed our quiz, you will see your brain in a whole new light! Armed with this new knowledge and our quiz questions, you will then be in a strong position to get buy in from the rest of your organisation.

We also find it doesn’t hurt to tell you about some of our brilliant results from real companies, such as, generating a £37:1 ROI for Aegon, increasing newsletter sign-ups for Fidelity by 76% during the GDPR crisis, and generating a £9.73:1 ROI for Saga, resulting in £330,000 of additional revenue.

3] Create a Behavioural Science group

Even after your organisation sees the benefits of Behavioural Science and understands the research evidence behind it, your employees may not think they have the scientific knowhow to do it themselves.

At Cowry, we use our bespoke Expert programme to develop a deep understanding of experimental skills within 8-10 people in your business. We then work alongside this group to support them in applying Behavioural Science to their own work and run experiments to show the effectiveness of the changes they have made. This tight knit group is then able to lead change within your organisation by showing others the benefits of a Behavioural Science approach to business.


Behavioural Science is a vital component of a successful business, and Cowry can help you to build it into your organisation. If you are looking to improve your organisation using Behavioural Science, why not get in touch with us and find out more about what we can do.


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