That's a wrap!

Cowry Global Summer School 2023, 17th - 28th July

As the curtains close on an illuminating and enlightening Summer School, we've reflected on another incredible journey we embarked upon. Let's take a moment to celebrate the knowledge acquired, experiences shared and the new connections formed.

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Inquisitive Minds, Lifelong Learners

As ever, our Summer School was a sanctuary for curious and inquisitive minds. We dived headfirst into the world of behavioural science, from understanding the power of cognitive biases to unravelling the intricacies of social dynamics. Each day witnessed a multitude of interactive workshops showcasing the best of each of our pathways.


Engaging Discussions, Thoughtful Debates

A hallmark of this opportunity were lively discussions and debates that took place throughout. We embraced diverse perspectives, challenged our own beliefs and fostered an environment where everyone felt heard and valued. Our Global and Regional Guest Speaker Series delivered insights and share experiences of practitioners across the world. Take a look at the highlights of the talks from our first and second set of regional speakers, and global speakers.


Meaningful Application

Behavioural Science isn't confined to the pages of textbooks; it has real-world applications that can transform lives, communities and experiences. Under the expert guidance of our team of hub leads, our Summer School empowered teams of individuals to apply and showcase how behavioural science can drive positive change and make meaningful contributions to the world around us through our amazing charity partnership and fast-paced nudgeathons.


Bonds that Transcend Borders

Beyond the captivating talks, workshops and projects, our Summer Schoolers formed unique connections, sharing their experiences with like-minded individuals from all different corners of the globe. The diversity of cultures and backgrounds enriched our discussions and broadened our horizons. We leave this experience not just with new knowledge, but also with friendships and connections that span continents.


Our Gratitude and Looking Forward

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated Hub Leads, Speakers, Summer Schoolers and all those who applied or showed an interest in this year’s Summers School and who made this year another resounding success. Thank you all for playing your part in this remarkable experience!

How did the 2023 admissions process work? 

The 2023 application form consisted of two parts:

Part one provided an opportunity to demonstrate the core skills and values we look for in a Cowry Consultant.

Part two required you to specify your application to one of the Cowry pathways: you were given tasks which allowed you to showcase your knowledge and skills relating to typical challenges our members of this pathway face.

We fully appreciate the importance of reducing bias in application processes and ensuring fair outcomes for each applicant. As such, applications were reviewed blindly and marked by two independent markers to ensure integrity and fairness.

How many places were available?

There were 40 places available at the Summer School, 10 successful applicants for each of our 4 hubs.

How much did this programme cost?

There was no cost associated with the programme. It was completely free of charge!

What do I need to participate in the programme?

All participants need access to a computer with a working internet connection, microphone and webcam for the duration of the programme. Relative fluency in English is also essential (equivalent to IELTS level 5.5).


What were and what was the difference between each global hub?

Our four strategically placed hubs allowed you to find a hub hosted in a time zone that best suits your needs, build a network both within your region & further afield, and exchange cultural influences with like-minded scholars.

The Americas, Europe & Africa, South Asia and Asia Pacific hubs each hosted localised guest speaker seminars and interactive workshops, allowing them to focus on pioneering behavioural science in their respective region.

Our global series of events allowed all hubs to come together and interact which gives a truly multicultural experience.

The Americas, Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 4)

Europe & Africa, British Summer Time (UTC + 1)

South Asia, Indian Standard Time (UTC + 5:30)

Asia Pacific, Western Indonesian Time (UTC + 7)


Which hub was I allocated to, and could I apply for more than one hub?

Your application needed to specify the hub that you would like to apply to. Each applicant may only apply to one hub. Any applications found to be doubled up into different hubs were removed from consideration.

In situations where spaces were available in alternative hubs, we were able to offer a place on an alternate hub at your discretion. We did our best to accommodate your preferences wherever possible.


What are the different application pathways and what do they mean?

At Cowry, each behavioural consultant specialises within their chosen pathway. These include Behavioural Architecture, Behavioural Design and Experimental Design. Within each pathway, these are some of the essential responsibilities and skills:

Behavioural Architects leverage academic insights from the literature in psychology, behavioural economics and cognitive neuroscience to influence decision-making and inform strategies for behaviour change.

Behavioural Designers use principles of design, perceptual psychology, user experience and behavioural science to create influential and motivating experiences.

Experimental Designers utilise knowledge of robust research, testing and statistics to design and develop methods for putting interventions to the test, demonstrating efficacy and delivering impact through analysing behavioural data.


How much time did I need for summer school, and could I do this around my normal working hours?

The summer school runs Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 in the time-zone of your respective hub, and so reflects a standard full-time working role for the duration. Whilst it’s possible to balance this around normal working hours, you should consider your ability to commit to the full course of the programme.


What advice do you have for applicants?

Click here to hear from our team about their top tips from over the years for making your application stand out.

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It has been the friendliest, most welcoming and informative 2 weeks that I have ever done in a company. Everything is so well thought through and organised, and so interactive!

— Summer Schooler, 2022

I am beyond thrilled about my summer school experience. I am extremely grateful for all the people I met and all the on-hands experience I gained. I feel like I learned so much in so little time, yet I feel like I only scratched the surface of what this field has to offer.

— Summer Schooler, 2022

My favourite aspect was the interactive part and applying our learnings. This gave me a very good chance to deepen my understanding of the knowledge and get feedback from a commercial point of view, which is very hard to obtain from an education institution.

— Summer Schooler, 2022

To see dull and boring email templates and websites be transformed into elegant and aesthetic interfaces really had a lasting impact on me.

— Summer Schooler, 2022