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Globally connected via our three hubs, our world-class, free of charge, virtual summer school programme is here to transform your understand of behavioural science.

Apply your knowledge through exclusive workshops, deliver impact through real-life charity briefs guided by Cowry mentors, hear from our guest speakers and more. We want to share our recipes for success with you!


Immerse yourself in behavioural science

Get inspired by leaders in the field during our guest lectures, think like a Cowry Consultant with exclusive pathway workshops, ideate your own solutions in fast-paced innovative nudgeathons along with the chance to build your own global network.

With three strategically placed global hubs, this immersive experience is an experience for all, no matter where in the world you’re based.

Make a difference

Learn through hands-on projects and make a positive impact on the world. Discover the power of behavioural science and become part of the Cowry family as you work collaboratively to deliver a project for one of our charity partners.

Your live charity brief will form the spine of your experience. Last year's projects included raising valuable donations and increasing sustainable campaign pledges.

Be experimental

This year, we’re driving the need to embody what it means to be experimental. For us, being experimental means a lot more than white coat-wearing scientists in a lab. It’s a driving force for growth and discovery founded on three core principles which match our ambition:


Group 12-4



Cultivating BeSci capability within organisations

Group 6-4



Driving transformational change and innovation in organisations

Group 11



Embracing new technologies and promoting sustainable change

Want to apply? Here's what you need to know:

  • Our two-week online program will run from 22nd July - 2nd August, 10 am - 4 pm daily.
  • Choose from one of three global hubs: Americas, Europe & Africa, Asia.
  • Applications will open in May, with 40 spots available.
  • Two designated Cowry mentors will be devoted to guiding you and your hub through your all-access tour of the world of behavioural science, giving you all that you need to succeed.

This Summer School's for you if...

  • You’re looking to team up with the industry’s brightest behavioural science students, recent graduates and professionals.
  • You’re considering a career in applied behavioural science and want to gain practical experience.
  • You’re well-read in behavioural science literature with a passion for delivering impact through behaviour change.

How does the admissions process work? 

The application form consists of two parts:

Part one provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate the core skills and values we look for in a Cowry Consultant.

Part two requires you to specify your application to one of the Cowry pathways: you'll be given tasks which allow you to showcase your knowledge and skills relating to typical challenges our members of this pathway face.

We fully appreciate the importance of reducing bias in application processes and ensuring fair outcomes for each applicant. As such, applications will be reviewed blindly and marked by two independent markers to ensure integrity and fairness.

How many places are available?

There are 40 places available at the summer school, 10 successful applicants for each of our 4 hubs.

How much does this programme cost?

There is no cost associated with the programme. It’s completely free of charge!

What do I need to participate in the programme?

All participants will need access to a computer with a working internet connection, microphone and webcam for the duration of the programme. Relative fluency in English is also essential (equivalent to IELTS level 5.5).


What are and what’s the difference between each global hub?

Our four strategically placed hubs allow you to find a hub hosted in a time zone that best suits your needs, build a network both within your region & further afield, and exchange cultural influences with like-minded scholars.

The Americas, Europe & Africa, South Asia and Asia Pacific hubs will each host localised guest speaker seminars and interactive workshops, allowing them to focus on pioneering behavioural science in their respective region.

Our global series of events allows all hubs to come together and interact which gives a truly multicultural experience.

The Americas, Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 4)

Europe & Africa, British Summer Time (UTC + 1)

South Asia, Indian Standard Time (UTC + 5:30)

Asia Pacific, Western Indonesian Time (UTC + 7)


Which hub will I be allocated to, and can I apply for more than one hub?

Your application will need to specify the hub that you would like to apply to. Each applicant may only apply to one hub. Any applications found to be doubled up into different hubs will be removed from consideration.

In situations where spaces are available in alternative hubs, you may be offered a place on an alternate hub at your discretion. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences wherever possible.


What are the different application pathways and what do they mean?

At Cowry, each behavioural consultant specialises within their chosen pathway. These include Behavioural Architecture, Behavioural Design and Experimental Design. Within each pathway, these are some of the essential responsibilities and skills:

Behavioural Architects leverage academic insights from the literature in psychology, behavioural economics and cognitive neuroscience to influence decision-making and inform strategies for behaviour change.

Behavioural Designers use principles of design, perceptual psychology, user experience and behavioural science to create influential and motivating experiences.

Experimental Designers utilise knowledge of robust research, testing and statistics to design and develop methods for putting interventions to the test, demonstrating efficacy and delivering impact through analysing behavioural data.


How much time do I need for summer school, and can I do this around my normal working hours?

The summer school runs Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 in the time-zone of your respective hub, and so reflects a standard full-time working role for the duration. Whilst it’s possible to balance this around normal working hours, you should consider your ability to commit to the full course of the programme.


What advice do you have for applicants?

Click here to hear from our team about their top tips from over the years for making your application stand out.

We’ll also have exciting updates for you on our LinkedIn page and via email for those who’ve expressed their interest below.

It has been the friendliest, most welcoming and informative 2 weeks that I have ever done in a company. Everything is so well thought through and organised, and so interactive!

— Summer Schooler, 2022

I am beyond thrilled about my summer school experience. I am extremely grateful for all the people I met and all the on-hands experience I gained. I feel like I learned so much in so little time, yet I feel like I only scratched the surface of what this field has to offer.

— Summer Schooler, 2022

My favourite aspect was the interactive part and applying our learnings. This gave me a very good chance to deepen my understanding of the knowledge and get feedback from a commercial point of view, which is very hard to obtain from an education institution.

— Summer Schooler, 2022

To see dull and boring email templates and websites be transformed into elegant and aesthetic interfaces really had a lasting impact on me.

— Summer Schooler, 2022