Join Us This Monday For Our Virtual Ripple Book Launch!

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How do you get people who work in pig abattoirs to wash their hands? 


How does painting the walls of a canteen pink make construction workers behave more safely? 


And how can baby faces spray painted onto shop shutters reduce anti-social behaviour? 


These are all problems with counter-intuitive solutions. Counter-intuitive that is, until viewed through the lens of Behavioural Science. 


Which is what Ripple is all about!


Join us this Monday at 4pm for the Ripple Book Launch event - where we’ll share the answers to all these questions, and talk about how Behavioural Science can be applied for real world business and social change. 


Ripple, co-authored by Cowry Consulting’s co-founder Jez Groom and behavioural consulting lead April Vellacott, is a journey into how Behavioural Science can be applied through small, expertly placed and created “nudges”, to create wide-reaching impact. 


The virtual event is your chance to see a fireside chat with Jez and April around the key themes of the book, before an in-depth question session on all your Ripple related queries. 


You will also have the opportunity to network with industry professionals throughout the world of Behavioural Science, alongside innovators in business who have been using Cowry’s Cognitive Toolkit to generate real, lasting results in their businesses. 


"Ripple contains so many insights that inspire positive cultural change for our colleagues and has transformed how we interact with customers."

Gill McLaughlin, Head of Customer Management at Standard Life Assurance, part of Phoenix Group


Sign up using the link below - we look forward to seeing you on Monday!

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