Nudgestock 2018 in 10 quotes

Cowry Authors • 3 min read

Mid-June brings us back to Folkestone for Nudgestock, the annual conference where people from a range of disciplines and a range of backgrounds gather at the Kent coast, all with one thing in common - a love of behavioural economics and how it is used within the wider world. So whether you were there, or wish you were, we’ve collated 7 hours into 10 handy quotes that summarise the best, the most interesting, and the most random.. enjoy!

Don’t reduce the choice, redesign the choice”

  • Rory Sutherland reminding us how we can work with cognitive overload

How can we get camel’s nostrils back into this?”

  • Michael Pawlyn on using behavioural biomimicry to design buildings

Behavioural Economics can give clients confidence to deviate from the norm”

  • Jennie Roper on Kinetic’s successful use of proximity norms for Subway adverts

Extraneous variables, like clothing on a skeleton, can influence what we understand the evidence to mean”

  • Ruth Morgan, on how context and assumptions influence forensic evidence outcomes (and how you can be convicted of a crime you never committed..)

People don’t behave according to the model. This is the fault of the model, not the fault of the world”

  • John Kay on why evolution is smarter than (behavioural) economists

Are you those guys that put red messaging all over their website?”

  • Question to Kees Oomen of, for their application of behavioural biases online

Our starting point in a situation strongly influences what we perceive as reality”

  • Caroline Webb on how to use selective attention, ambiguity aversion and the peak-end rule to help you have a good day

Pay it forward is real… networks magnify whatever they are seeded with” [good or bad: obesity, altruism, politics]

  • Nicholas Christakis on using social networks to influence positive behaviour change

People have an idea of what they want [in a partner], and they stick to it”

  • Mark Brooks on the influence of defaults on our dating decisions

Don’t look for laws, don’t look for rules, look for patterns”

  • Rory Sutherland's advice to the audience of Nudgestock

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