Diversifi Global's Compendium 2022

Jez Groom • 1 min read

We’re excited to launch our 2022 Diversifi Global Compendium!

Following our inaugural summit with the world’s leading Chief Behavioural Officers last year, we consolidated a number of interrelated themes around the evolution of our field to shape our portfolio of exciting content.

Our Annual Compendium seeks to bring our work to life through essays, use cases, knowledge sharing and showcasing capabilities. As behavioural science continues to mature, we discuss how our discipline can be applied on a continuum from a tool to a lens.

Diversifi is a global, cross-cultural and collaborative organisation of applied practitioners that champions the use of behavioural science in society, communities & businesses.

A huge shoutout to Sai NikamLetitia LeongElena RadžiūnaitėJennifer Gezhen and all other contributors for your amazing work!

Download the Compendium now.

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