The BIG Effects of Small Behaviour Changes

Cowry Authors • 1 min read


How seemingly small nudges can lead to sustained ripple effects on our world


The BIG effects of small behaviour changes.


Join Melina Palmer, founder of the Brainy Business, as Jez Groom and April Vellacott promote their new book Ripple. Putting academic papers aside, discover how Cowry Consulting applies behavioural science to real life contexts using small tweaks to bring about substantial changes, including:

  • How the colours pink and gold culminated in the extensive behavioural change of construction workers. 

  • Why images of babies faces downscaled anti-social behaviour more than any policeman was capable of. 

  • The simplicity behind bundling sim-cards. 

  • The nudges, loss aversion, anchoring and priming interventions that have ameliorated over 50 businesses and brands. 

A field of study applicable to businesses small and large, explore how they aim to upscale the world of behavioural science globally.

Listen to the full podcast here: 

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