Hannah Bateson

Behavioural Architect

Hannah recently completed a BSc in Psychological and Behavioural Science at the LSE. Here, she specialised in understanding how trust in the messengers of information is pivotal to the success of all behaviour change strategies. Motivated to contribute towards both global health and sustainability policies, she decided to pursue a dissertation on this topic, navigating the contextual dependencies of messenger effects among minority populations with regard to the UK’s COVID-19 vaccine campaign.

Alongside observing behaviour change, Hannah firmly believes in the value of evaluating the efficacy of behavioural interventions from an ethical standpoint. She enjoys discussing ethics and seeks to uncover the intersection between philosophical and scientific literature to negotiate its nuanced application to behavioural science used in the private sector context.

At Cowry, Hannah is eager to translate these interests in bridging the gap between paper and practice to drive behaviour change meaningfully, and ethically, to improve people’s everyday experiences.


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