Evina Zouganeli

Senior Behavioural Architect

Evina holds a BA in Social and Political Sciences and a MA in Business and Economics from Sciences Po Paris. She has a strong professional background in business, having acquired experience in a range of fields, such as human resources, brand marketing, and customer success, both in the context of large companies and startups.
Prior to joining Cowry, she held the position of Customer Success Manager at an e-commerce logistics startup, where she launched and built the foundations for the company’s customer experience initiative. Having always been intrigued by the human mind, Evina decided to take her social sciences knowledge a step further by developing expertise in behavioural science.
After completing two behavioural science boot camps she joined Cowry to put her knowledge into practice. Evina is passionate about combining business and behavioural science with the goal of contributing to the design of socially sustainable products and experiences.

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