Chris Jay

Senior Experimental Designer

As part of Cowry’s Experimental Design Team, Chris is a Behavioural Scientist with 5 years experience in developing and delivering scientifically evidenced hypotheses, conducting various statistical experiments to rigorously evaluate initiatives, understand the value they provide and build compelling business cases. This includes techniques such as randomised controlled trials, A/B split testing, concept and user testing, regression discontinuities, multi-variate trial designs, and difference-in-difference analysis.

The breadth of his experience he brings is exemplified by prior work specialising in online-based optimisations using large volumes of behavioural data on behalf of organisations including Diabetes UK, Sue Ryder Hospice Care, and Breast Cancer Now. He was also heavily influential at Bremont Watch Company, aiming to better understand the behaviours and journeys of their niche customer base across a range of different touchpoints of high-end, luxury customer experiences. This experience focused on customer acquisition and retention, primary data collection, web analytics, cross-cultural studies, and attribution modelling to better evaluate both brand campaigns and new strategic partnerships across the organisation.

Always staying true to his roots, Chris uses his heightened logical, detailed-oriented, and data-minded approach refined through BSc Mathematics & Economics and MSc Behavioural Economics studies to harness important insights from a range of behavioural datasets, helping us keep true to our word and methods as applied scientists with great benefit to our clients.


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