Chris Jay

Experimental Designer

As part of Cowry's Experimental Design Team, Chris works extensively with clients to develop a range of scientifically evidenced behavioural hypotheses, before performing a range of statistical experiments, which rigorously test these initiatives and demonstrate their value.

Following his joint undergraduate in Mathematics and Economics, Chris used his logical and data-minded approach within digital marketing to harness insights from a range of online user behaviour datasets to the benefit of various not-for-profit clients and their end-users. Chris then went on to complete his MSc in Behavioural Economics, using his interests in corporate social responsibility to develop and provide proof of concept for a novel energy-saving behaviour change initiative.

Prior to joining Cowry, he applied these techniques and learnings within the luxury consumer goods industry gaining experience across a wide array of areas from high-end customer experience and purchasing behaviours, to CRM retention journeys, customer acquisition and web analytics.

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