Behavioural nudges in practice

Ripple takes readers on a worldwide journey, providing first-hand accounts of the authors’ direct involvement in behavioural science being successfully applied in business.

Beginning in London, we see how baby faces painted onto shop shutters reduced anti-social crime, onto Paris we cover how hard it is to nudge the French to drink more sparkling water. We explain how using behavioural science helped address the obesity crisis in Mexico, sell more SIM cards in South Africa and how nudges were used to increase hand hygiene in Chile.

Back in London we reveal how to improve safety on construction sites using behavioural science and demonstrate how painting the walls Baker-Miller Pink, also known as ‘Drunk Tank Pink’, can calm violent prisoners in jails.

Each chapter demonstrates how well planned nudges can have positive ripple effects & comes with a practical tool kit to help you get started.

"Ripple is a game changer for business. A truly practical and ethical toolkit to applying behavioural science that genuinely works."

— Al Rhind, Head of Workplace & Customer Propositions at Aegon

"A must-read for anyone who wants to use nudge in business."

— Jules Goddard, London Business School

"Ripple is the most inspirational and practical book I have read on how to make Behavioural Science work for your business."

— Oliver Nocher, Director of Pricing, Spire Healthcare Group plc

Chapter One

Year of the Rabbit

Bringing behavioural science out of the lab and into real life

Chapter Two

Babies of the Borough, Greenwich, London.

Encouraging serendipitous collisions through innovation

Chapter Three

Reducing Pickpocketing by Put Pocketing, England

Bringing behavioural science ideas to fruition

Chapter Four

Selling SIM Cards, South Africa

Workshopping to tackle problems using behavioural science

Chapter Five

Still or Sparkling, Paris and London 

A quiz for naysayers and growth hacking interventions

Chapter Six

The Comfort Bucket, Thailand

Building an ecosystem of capabilities

Chapter Seven

Tackling Obesity, Mexico

Changing behaviour at scale

Chapter Eight

From initial pilot to business growth, Scotland

Embedding behavioural science at scale using the 'proofing ladder'

Chapter Nine

Reducing criminal reoffending, UK

Use training to empower anyone to apply behavioural science

Chapter Ten

Helping people to save more money, UK

Measuring what's right, rather than what's easiest

Chapter Eleven

Designing ethical nudges, Scotland

Neutralising choice architecture and the ethics of nudging

Chapter Twelve

Transforming a customer value proposition, UK

Galvanising multidisciplinary teams using behavioural science

Chapter Thirteen

Ink stamps and clean hands, Chile

Diagnosing, designing and measuring behavioural interventions

Chapter Fourteen

Preventing Falls with Pink Walls, London.

Designing nudges to improve your world