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The Behavioural Science journeys and career paths of Jez and April.

Jez Groom

Jez Groom

With over 10 years of experience of practically applying behavioural science in business, Jez has established himself as one of the world's leading practitioners in the field. As a pioneer, Jez has always been on the frontlines of behavioural science, from being instrumental in the team that used murals of babies faces to fight crime in Woolwich, to changing handwashing behaviour in a pig abattoir in Santiago to painting pink walls to reduce unsafe behaviour on a construction site for Shell on the South Bank of London.

In 2016 Jez founded Cowry Consulting, an Applied Behavioural Science Consultancy based in London. Working with globally renowned organisations such as Amazon, Sky, Tesco, Aegon, Standard Life, O2 and HSBC, Jez and the team at Cowry use behavioural science to deliver the science behind exceptional customer and employee experiences. With over 50+ case studies, Cowry have developed a creative and systematic behavioural design 'thinking and doing' methodology that helps make businesses as human as humanly possible.

"With all my experience of persuasion and influence with companies like Amazon, Sky and Aegon, I wanted to help drive an agenda to make behavioural science more mainstream in business."

Jez Groom

April Vellacott

April Vellacott

As the Behavioural Consulting Lead, working with clients such as Standard Life, SSE, Legal & General and TUI, April excels at bringing behavioural science to life in business.

Using her extensive knowledge of psychology and behavioural change methodologies, she helps transform the customer and employee experience across a multitude of sectors.

April has been studying the field of human behaviour for nearly a decade, and holds degrees in Psychology and Behaviour Change. At the University of St Andrews she focussed on how evolutionary forces have shaped modern day behaviour and conducted research on facial perception. During her master’s degree at UCL she wrote a thesis on how behavioural science could be used to enhance cyber security in the Internet of Things.

I was conscious of how rarely companies used things like behavioural science to inform their work, their decisions and their strategy. There seemed to be a huge gap between all of the interesting findings from the academic world, and how this was actually being practically applied in the ‘real world’."

April Vellacott

Why have we written Ripple?

We wanted to help businesses understand how to apply behavioural science into their organisations and make it more mainstream.

Ripple is full of real examples of how small behaviour changes can have wide-reaching effects in the real world and taps into the process of the evolution of behavioural science.

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"Ripple is a game changer for business. A truly practical and ethical toolkit to applying behavioural science that genuinely works."

— Al Rhind, Head of Workplace & Customer Propositions at Aegon

"Ripple contains so many insights that inspire positive cultural change for our colleagues and has transformed how we interact with customers."

— Gill McLaughlin, Head of Customer Management at Standard Life Assurance, part of Phoenix Group

"Jez and April really get your imagination running and demonstrate that behavioural science principles can be applied to all industries."

— Olivier Nocher, Director of Pricing, Spire Healthcare Group plc

About Cowry

Cowry Consulting was founded in 2016 and uses behavioural science to create exceptional customer and employee experiences and helps businesses to become as human as humanly possible.

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