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"Ripple is a fascinating and easy to read exploration into behavioural science in business.  Packed full of interesting and practical steps you can take for positive change that works for your organisation and your customers!"

Kirsty Scott, CX Manager

"A must-read for anyone who wants to use nudge in business."

— Jules Goddard, London Business School

"Ripple is the most inspirational and practical book I have read on how to make Behavioural Science work for your business. Jez and April really get your imagination running and demonstrate that behavioural science principles can be applied to all industries."

— Olivier Nocher, Director of Pricing, Spire Healthcare Group plc

The best practical guide for applying behavioural science in business that I’ve read.  Full of insights and real-world examples, Ripple shows the need for creativity and rigour when using behavioural science effectively.” 

— Matt Battersby, Chief Behavioural Scientist, Reinsurance Group of America

"A wonderful book, engaging and informative but also so practical, it’s so different to other behavioural science books on the market."

— Juliet Hodges, Senior Advisor Behavioural Insights Team, BUPA

"Fabulously readable and relevant to anyone interested in changing behaviour in the workplace."

— Bruce Daisley, Author of Sunday Times Bestseller 'The Joy of Work'

"Ripple contains so many insights that inspire positive cultural change for our colleagues and has transformed how we interact with customers."

Gill McLauglin, Head of Customer Management at Standard Life Assurance, part of Phoenix Group.