Ripple Book - The big effects of small behaviour changes in business

Seemingly small nudges can lead to sustained ripple effects on our world

How do you get people who work in pig abattoirs to wash their hands? How does painting the walls of a canteen pink make construction workers behave more safely? And how can baby faces spray painted onto shop shutters reduce antisocial behaviour? Ripple is about how small behaviour changes can have wide-reaching effects in the real world.

Written by behavioural scientists Jez Groom and April Vellacott, Ripple takes you on a global journey, through storytelling and practical tips, showing how well-planned nudges can have positive ripple effects in the business world.

While nudging is now commonplace in politics, most of our daily interactions with companies, products and services have not yet been transformed with behavioural science. Doing so is often a messy process but, armed with this book, you’ll have the practical toolkit to get started.


"A must-read for anyone who wants to use nudge in business.

Jules Goddard, London Business School

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Jez Groom

Jez Groom

Jez has been practising behavioural science for over 10 years working with some of the biggest organisations around the world including British Airways, Nestle, Amazon, Public Health England and DIAGEO.

His passion and energy are focused on the practical application of behavioural economics in businesses and helping companies build capability within their organisations.

Jez was co-founder of Ogilvy Change and Engine Decisions and in 2016 he founded Cowry Consulting, the leading behavioural economics consultancy and regularly speaks at industry events such as the Behavioural Economics Summit 2.0. Jez, is an Honorary Fellow of the Department of Psychology at City University, London.

April Vellacott

April Vellacott

April has been studying the field of human behaviour for nearly a decade, and holds degrees in Psychology and Behaviour Change. At the University of St Andrews she focussed on how evolutionary forces have shaped modern day behaviour and conducted research on facial perception. During her master’s degree at UCL she wrote a thesis on how behavioural science could be used to enhance cyber security in the Internet of Things.

She is a behavioural consultant at Cowry Consulting, where she helps global clients to apply behavioural science in their organisations.

"Ripple is a game changer for business. A truly practical and ethical toolkit to applying behavioural science that genuinely works."

— Al Rhind, Head of Workplace & Customer Propositions at Aegon

"The best practical guide for applying behavioural science in business that I’ve read. Full of insights and real-world examples, Ripple shows the need for creativity and rigour when using behavioural science effectively."

— Matt Battersby, Chief Behavioural Scientist, RGA

"Ripple is the most inspirational and practical book I have read on how to make Behavioural Science work for your business."

— Olivier Nocher, Director of Pricing, Spire Healthcare Group plc

"A wonderful book, engaging and informative but also so practical, it’s so different to other behavioural science books on the market."

— Juliet Hodges, Senior Advisor, Behavioural Insights Team, BUPA


Bringing behavioural science out of the lab and into real life.

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