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Thank you to everyone who applied to our Summer School this year - we received over 200 applications!

Please expect an application decision from us on Tuesday, 8th June.

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About the summer school

Our world class annual virtual summer school gives students and professionals an opportunity to work with a leading behavioural science consultancy and gain practical exposure in applying behavioural science to real world problems.

As a summer schooler, you will have the opportunity to work on real briefs, helping real people, through our partnerships with charities around the world. Moreover, you will hear from some of the leaders in behavioural science across the globe, ideate on nudgeathons, participate in workshops and have access to networking events.


What's different this year?

This year’s summer school is going to be bigger, better and bolder than ever: 

Bigger: Behavioural science is best understood in context. So, we are expanding our summer school to 40 participants in four hubs across North America, Europe, South Asia and APAC. 

Better: As a member of Diversifi, an international partnership of behavioural scientists across the globe, you will have the chance to workshop, network and speak with behavioural experts around the world.

Bolder: We believe behavioural science needs to be less W.E.I.R.D. We welcome diverse perspectives from people with different cultural and educational backgrounds who can bring unique insights into how we use behavioural science in business. 

What's involved?

The summer school is a 2-week immersive experience taking you on a tour of the world of Behavioural Science, running from 19th to 30th July, 2021. Successful applicants will experience:


Global Scholars

Applications will be open across 4 international hubs, giving you the chance to build a global network of fellow Behavioural Scientists.


Global Faculty

Exclusive seminars and workshops led by some of the world's best applied Behavioural Scientists.

Briefs (1)

Global Briefs

This year, you'll have the chance to bring behavioural insights to a local or international charity that operates within your hub.


Global Mentors

You'll have a dedicated mentor assigned to your hub who will guide you through the 2 weeks and help you to succeed in the programme.

How we're expanding our global reach in 2021


What are the four ‘hubs’?

The hubs are 4 virtual locations from where the summer school will run. This is to ensure that we are able to cover many different time zones and include people from across the world. 

  1. Americas, Eastern Daylight time (UTC  - 4)
  2. Europe, British Summer Time (UTC +1 )
  3. South Asia, Indian Standard Time (GMT + 4:30)
  4. APAC, Western Indonesian Time (GMT + 7)

What location will I be placed in?

You will be placed in the hub that has the most similar time-zone to the country you are from. This will make it easier for us to plan across time zones and accommodate for culturally specific projects. 

For example, if you are from Shanghai, China (GMT + 8), you will be placed in the APAC hub (GMT + 7).



What you'll need to apply


Is this programme free?

Yes! This programme is absolutely FREE!


What do I need to participate in the programme?

All applicants will need access to a computer with a working internet connection, microphone and webcam for the duration of the programme. Relative fluency in English is also essential (equivalent to IELTS level 5.5).



Everything you need to know about the application process


What sort of people are you looking for?

We're looking for the industry’s brightest behavioural science students, recent graduates and professionals to join us. Applicants are welcome from any professional background, but should be able to demonstrate that they are well-read in behavioural science literature and have a passion for delivering behaviour change.

Here at Cowry, we specialise in Choice Architecture, Behavioural Design and Behavioural Experimentation, so these are the skills we value:

Behavioural Designers draw on principles of Design, Perceptual Psychology, User Experience and Behavioural Science to create influential and motivating experiences.

Behavioural Architects draw academic insights from literature in Psychology, Behavioural Economics and Cognitive Neuroscience to influence decision-making and behaviour.

Experimental Designers use statistics and machine learning to design and develop robust methods for testing interventions and analysing data in meaningful ways.

We also have 3 core values that we would love to see in every summer schooler: Care, Integrity and Ambition. Learn more here!


What is your selection process?

You’ll be given a set of questions tackling different challenges and asked to come up with behavioural solutions to the problems (eg: How can you nudge people to walk to work instead of taking the train?). You may take as long as you need, as long as you submit your application before the deadline.

At Cowry, we know the importance of reducing bias in application processes in order to ensure a fair outcome for every applicant. Each application will be stripped of all personal information and will be reviewed blind. The markers will only see a randomly selected set of questions and each application will be marked by two separate markers. 


How many applicants will be chosen?

We’ve doubled our intake from last year and are excited to be able to welcome 10 successful applicants from each hub onto our Global Summer School, so that’s 40 places available!


What advice do you have for applicants?

Click here to hear from our team about their top tips to help you with a successful summer school application! We'll also have exciting updates for you on our LinkedIn page, so don’t miss out!

Summer School 2021 Updates

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When you’re at school or you work for another company, you might not get to apply behavioural science in your everyday life, but in the Cowry summer school, for two weeks you get to do it

— Noemi Molnar, Summer Schooler, 2020

The greatest surprise of the summer school for me was in the diversity of the summer schoolers and also in the speakers. This showed in a really natural way because the speakers all spoke about different topics which really showed their different backgrounds and interests within behavioural science. The summer schoolers came from different backgrounds as well which meant that they had different interests within behavioural science, so had different perspectives, which made for really interesting conversations.

— Tina Soh, Summer Schooler, 2020

As a relatively newer enthusiast of Behavioural Science, this has been an absolutely holistic experience, even though it was all virtual! I feel fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to listen to so many great talks and been a part of the insightful workshops. I feel more confident going into the field with what I've learnt during these two weeks and that was all made possible by such an excellent, friendly, knowledgeable and creative team. The team's spirit has encouraged me further to take up a career in this field and given me better direction.

— Shrishti Ruia, Summer Schooler, 2020