Avikshit Banerjee

Behavioural Data Scientist

Avikshit holds an MSc in Behavioural and Data Science from the University of Warwick and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. In his MSc course, he learned to combine methodologies from data science, psychology, economics, neuroscience, and other social sciences to study human behaviour and make predictions about how people will act in different situations. Whilst at Warwick, Avikshit completed his dissertation on the relationship between human speech behaviour and low-frequency linguistic features, by leveraging extensive data analysis on web-scraped Twitter data and large language models like BERT.

Avikshit has almost three years of professional experience as a software analyst at Accenture where he’s worked in both the finance and energy sectors. He’s also worked as a Research Assistant at Warwick Business School during which he applied Natural Language Processing and Topic Modelling algorithms to analyse large volumes of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) text data of FTSE 100 companies and population sentiments as means to potentially inform future ESG policy developments.

At Cowry, Avikshit is passionate about combining his understanding of human behaviour with the latest data analysis techniques to gain insights into how people make decisions, how they respond to different incentives and conditions, and how they interact with their environment in hopes of improving business outcomes and creating better products and services.

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